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"Claire Taylor is a wonderful designer and we are so grateful a friend recommended her to us while we were living in Amsterdam.  She helped us with everything from paint colors to furniture, to light fixtures to window treatments.  Claire jumped right in, integrated seamlessly into our build team and helped with all on the on-the-ground details.  She's a skilled designer as well as timely, responsible, easy-going, detail oriented and within budget.  She designed a beautiful and flexible solution for our media room/guest room with a built-in media cabinet and shelves. She's kind and thoughtful and easy to work with."

Thet, Berkeley, CA



"Claire is a talented designer with the right mix of classic sensibility and innovative aesthetic.  In addition to her design talents she is a lovely person and is incredibly easy to work with.  I particularly appreciated her accommodating my busy schedule, sending me design boards which allowed her to get a quick sense of my taste and then running on her own from there.  The end result - my space looks beautiful!"

Leah, Berkeley, CA

"We've thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Claire on projects.  She develops a great rapport with clients and communicates very well with everyone on the project team.  She is very organized, detailed and professional too.  We look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Studio G+S Archtiects, Berkeley, CA


"My experience with Claire was exceptional.  She gave sound advice and suggestions while also listening to my thoughts and ideas in order to accurately reflect my style and taste.  She was highly professional - as was reflected in her punctuality and the quick turn-around time with which she replied to my emails.  Thank you Claire for helping to make my retail space both beautiful and functional!"

Hands-On Berkeley! Retail project, Berkeley, CA

"Claire was lovely to work with. She immediately understood that I needed someone who had the professional knowledge and competence to organize the details of our 18 month rebuild and to counsel me on my options and choices. I didn’t want a professional to “do” the job, I wanted a smart colleague to work along side me, yet one who could occasionally nudge me in a slightly more “fashion forward” direction. I also came to understand how much I needed all those lovely spreadsheets Claire would make dealing with the complexities of my choices as well as meeting the needs of our architect, our contractor and subs. I’m hugely pleased with our outcomes, our home is new and compelling while remaining familiar and homey."

Kathy, Sonoma County, CA

"Claire has been invaluable to me as a designer.  She came in late to a project where my original designer had unavoidable reasons for needing to move on and I couldn't have finished this project with any sanity left without her guidance, expertise and reflection.  She was really nimble in getting up to speed, frank about helping me question previous decisions to make better choices that are just natural to getting further into a project.  She got to know me and my style and ideas really quickly.  She knows when to push back and when to hear my attachment to something.  I would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs an experienced, creative interior designer."


Becca, San Francisco, CA

"I collaborated with Claire on a substantial residential remodel and addition.  We were the architects on the project and found Claire to be a great team player.  Claire was creative, professional and always pleasant to work with.  The project is much better because of her involvement and I would be happy to work with her again if the circumstances arose!"

Justin Pauly, Justin Pauly Architects, Monterey, CA

"Claire was a joy to work with for both me and my husband.  She has a great eye and has a knack for being able to interpret what we want and then find pieces that work.  She steered us in a great direction.  There were times when we would veer off in various style directions and she would very sweetly get us back on track.  We love the results of her design input.  We often walk around the house and say to each other "Claire really did a great job here".  She is so fun to pleasant to work with.  We have gone back to her again and again for input.  She is invaluable to us."

Gail, Berkeley, CA

"Claire was kind enough to offer her services to our family when we were exploring ways to transform our home from one overrun by kids, to a more stylish and grown up space.  She was skillful at listening to our needs and then offered suggestions that considered our budget and our desire for functionality.  Claire has an obvious talent for looking at spaces, recognizing the infinate potential, and offering practical and realistic suggestions."

Sweena, Berkeley, CA

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